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Professional References


“Randy has an amazing ability to quickly build trust when developing new relationships. Randy's personal style enables him to quickly grow and develop commercial relationships into long term win/win relationships. He is comfortable working with all levels inside an organization including CxOs as well as across the organization (e.g., sales, marketing, engineering and legal).

Randy has the ability to maintain and grow multiple disparate relationships concurrently. Randy is a team player and willing to play whatever role is required to support the business.

A true measure of his ability to manage relationships is when there are commercial issues between the partners. When issues arise, Randy has the ability to work with partners through the issues so the immediate issue can be resolved and future business can occur.

Randy's business experience, “can do” attitude and boundless energy makes him an asset to any organization."— Jon Melamut, Vice President OEM Services, Operations & Products, Canonical

"Randy is a hard working, detailed orientated individual with experience working with technical and business partners and customers globally. Randy's natural style and genuine win/win approach make him a great long-term relationship manager and coach. A pleasure to have worked with!" — Chris Kenyon, Vice President & GM, Alliances & OEM Services, Canonical

"I've known Randy for years and would work with him anytime. Randy is a very smart and hard working executive that has the interest of others at heart. He is patient and knows how to communicate effectively with others. He is great at building teams and knows how to handle tough communication and personality issues. He knows how to build relationships and to leverage those relationships for the benefit of all involved." — Tom Welch, CTO, Linspire

"Randy has worked for me several years. Randy is not only an exceptional employee, but one of extremely high character. I'd recommend him fully. Please feel free to contact me for more specific details." — Kevin Carmony, CEO, Linspire


"I have worked with Randy for approximately 3 years while he was at Canonical. We have negotiated several contracts together and worked through several difficult issues with extreme success. I have found him and exceptional advocate for his company who was willing to work through difficult issues with an open mind and very effectively. Finally Randy has the highest ethical standards in business negotiations which for me is the most important aspect of a business relationship." — Mark Anderson, Global Procurement - Senior Consultant, Dell

"I've had the pleasure of working with Randy in my role at two different companies over the course of several years and have found Randy to be an experienced, competent, detail-oriented, professional with a good understanding of the market and a proven ability to identify and develop win-win opportunities and relationships. I'm happy to recommend Randy for your consideration and am confident he'll be an asset to whatever organization he joins and represent them well and would be happy to answer any specific questions about him. I'd welcome the opportunity to work with Randy again and consider him a business associate and a friend." — Scott Nelson, Dir. Business Development Intellectual Property, RealNetworks

"I worked with Randy over a period of nine months to a year as our two companies collaborated on an OEM project. Randy displayed excellent leadership and the utmost professionalism and courtesy when coordinating support for joint marketing and operational activities between our two companies. His great ideas helped to make my company's participation in specific customer trade show events a success for our purposes. I would gladly work with Randy again if the opportunity was available." — Don Lewis, Marketing Manager, FarStone Technology

"I have been working with Randy as Alliance manager for 4 years. He was in charge of coordinating actions between our companies in an objective of creating more business opportunities. I discovered a dedicated, open minded, professional person, as well as a very nice human being. It was a pleasure working with Randy." — Muriel Moscardini, CEO, Fluendo

"Randy struck me with his professionalism and attention to detail. He was very quick to grasp and understand ideas. It was always a pleasure to deal with him." — Steve Hargadon, Owner, Hargadon Computer


"I had the pleasure of working with Randy at Canonical. He is a great co-worker, has an incredible work ethic, is constantly up beat and professional in both his external and internal relationships. Randy has a great grasp of the short term activities and goals while not losing sight of the longer term strategic objectives. I'd welcome the chance to work with Randy again.” — Peter Woodward, Global Alliances and Business Development, Canonical

"In the work I have done with Randy over many years he has proven to be quite experienced and detail oriented in all aspects of his work. Randy is always seen as the "go-to person" and will waste no time to get a task done right and on time. Randy's positive outlook all the time makes even the most mundane project appear to be the most fun we'll ever have." — John Pugh, Software Center Business Development, Canonical

"Randy exemplifies servant leadership and someone I call upon for advice. His encouragement has helped me greatly improve my abilities in the workplace. Randy is a generous colleague that encourages others around him to succeed in accomplishing the organization's strategic goals." — Matt Griffin, Business Development Online Services, Canonical

"Extremely hard worker who will always lend a hand in assistance. His "GO" attitude combined with a very personable personality make Randy a wonderful boss!" — John Sanborn, Director of IT, Linspire

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